About Us

We are the family of Taylor Sauer who was killed in a texting/facebooking & driving accident in January 2012. She was such a big part of our family and has left a huge hole that can never be filled. In her honor, we have taken on the task of educating people about the dangers of texting/facebooking & driving. Taylor’s Corner is the platform that we use to get our message out through social media and presentations. Taylor’s wish was to become an elementary teacher so we came up with Taylor’s Corner to represent our message. During our presentations, all different members of Taylor’s family speak about how her actions have affected our family. Her brothers talk about how they found out about the accident and what it means to them today. Her sister talks about how she wishes she would have spoken up more when she was in the car with Taylor and she was actively engaged in texting and driving. We try and bring different perspectives to one terrible tragedy. We stress that we are just an ordinary family living with the consequences of our daughter’s mistake.